Manage your fleet with the best

Jewell Auto takes pride in being a full-service repair shop for automobiles, trucks, and trailers in Fort Worth to various fleet customers across the DFW metroplex. We understand that every company wants fast, responsive, and reliable service. We also understand that when one of the vehicles in your fleet is down and in our shop that prevents you from running your company at full capacity. Keeping your fleet operating at peak performance is the solution to increased productivity. Jewell Auto offers all of our fleet customers’ preferential treatment so that you can get your vehicles back on the road. Jewell auto not only repairs your fleet when a vehicle is down but takes pride in providing your fleet proper maintenance in an effort to keep your vehicles running in tip-top shape. 

Whether you require routine preventive maintenance, roadside assistance, or overhauling an engine, we can get you back on the road. Once our highly trained technicians diagnose a vehicle, our Service Writers will provide fast and accurate estimates, and get your approval before we move forward. We will database all repairs and maintenance on the entire fleet. 

All Fleet customers are offered a negotiated Fleet Discount. 

Fleets we service:

  • TCU Florist
  • Site Barricades
  • Grant A/C
  • J. Rowe Plumbing
  • Metro Golf Carts
  • Geep Mechanical
  • Dietrich Brothers Landscaping
  • South Cliff Baptist Church
  • Wedgewood Baptist Church
  • Fort Worth Country Day
  • Boley Landscaping
  • Waste Connection
  • Bullseye Balloon
  • Southwestern Seminary Police Department
  • Allen & Co.
  • D&G Roofing
  • Woodie Woods Plumbing
  • Whip Industries
  • 5th Ave. Greenhouse