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You’re driving when suddenly you notice your “Check Engine” light is on. The costs of repairing your engine, where to schedule the service, and how soon technicians can fix your car can be stressful and overwhelming. When you need quality engine rebuild and repair in Fort Worth, TX, come on into Jewell Auto. We’re the best engine rebuilders in Forth Worth, TX, and we make engine repair easy.

Whether your car won’t start or you need suspension repairs, our experienced mechanics can quickly get your vehicle running again at an affordable price.

Expert Engine Rebuilding

When you come in for engine rebuilding, one of our highly skilled, trained, and detail-oriented technicians performs a complete overhaul of the engine block. Services quotes for engine rebuilding often include the costs of replaced parts from the original equipment manufacturer. At Jewell’s Auto, we always swap damaged parts for brand-new ones and craft engines that will outlast our competitors.

After inspecting your vehicle’s engine and itemizing the work it needs, we offer you a reasonable and upfront quote for our services. Our expert technicians will then get to work and use products only from reputable and trusted manufacturer brands. The auto mechanics performing your engine overhaul have spent years perfecting their skills, so you can put your trust in us.

High-Quality Engine Repair

During an engine repair, we will replace or fix only the components causing the engine problems. We’ll never upsell you on a repair you don’t need. 

We start with a comprehensive engine inspection to assess its condition. Our technicians can determine which parts need upgrading and if you may benefit from a rebuild instead.

Not sure if you need to bring your car in? Look for these signs you need engine repair:

  • Turning the key in your ignition does not start the engine.

  • The “Check Engine” light has turned on.

  • Your car’s hood makes strange noises or rattles, 

  • You are using gas faster than usual. 

Why Choose Jewell Auto?

The choice is clear when choosing a shop for engine rebuild and repair in Fort Worth, TX. Jewell Auto is the place to receive personalized automotive services, including manufacturer maintenance appointments and unexpected repairs. We have:

  • ASE-certified technicians equipped to handle all makes and models

  • Complete understanding of repairs for domestic and foreign vehicles

  • Friendly customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee 

Jewell Auto | The Best Engine Rebuilders in Fort Worth, TX

You can find the best engine rebuilders and repair technicians at Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX. As a family-owned business dedicated to quality auto repair, we have over 25 years of automotive and engine mechanical experience. We carry top brands and understand manufacturer requirements to get you back on the road and your engine running smoothly.

Performing regular maintenance for your car helps prevent engine problems. However, engine rebuild and repair in Fort Worth, TX, may become inevitable due to worn or problematic parts. Texas residents count on Jewell Auto and our record for excellent customer service. 

When you need engine repair or rebuilding, call us at 817-924-1776 or complete our short online form.