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Whether you’re getting a new car or want to ensure your current vehicle’s safety, a mechanic performing a car inspection in Fort Worth, TX, will provide solutions. Only one local company offers the detailed car inspection services you need: Jewell Auto.

At Jewell Auto, our 25 years of experience and family-owned and operated business provide you with comprehensive, precise car inspections. ASE-licensed mechanics follow an extensive checklist to ensure they miss nothing. We also have the proper certifications to perform Texas inspections. 

When to Get an Auto Inspection in Fort Worth, TX

If you’ve never gotten a car inspection in Fort Worth, TX, mechanics can tell you when to make the next appointment based on your vehicle’s condition or state requirements. Different scenarios may require yearly inspections, or you may need to come in more frequently.

You should get an auto inspection from Jewell Auto for the following:

  • State inspection: Older vehicles from other states must get inspections to ensure they pass emissions testing and that their safety functions still work correctly. We follow all requirements for Texas drivers and will assist you in getting vehicles registered appropriately.
  • Brake and light inspection: Cars out of commission for several years need an extensive inspection to ensure their lights and brakes work correctly before driving. Our mechanics can perform these tests to get you going again.
  • Used vehicle inspection: Inspecting a used vehicle before buying it can help lower the final cost or expose mechanical issues. We test all aspects of used cars, including suspension and exhaust performance.

Our Comprehensive Car Inspection Station

When you visit Jewell Auto for a safety inspection, you can rest assured knowing your car is in good hands. Our comprehensive inspection station features all the necessary diagnostic equipment, tools, and spare parts to get your vehicle in its best shape. We utilize the most high-tech gear to detect performance issues in the engine, vehicle suspension, brakes, lights, and transmission.

Our auto experts have the training to inspect and service many vehicle types. Whether your car won’t start or your big rig is due for an inspection, we can help.

Get Detail-Oriented Car Inspection Services from Jewell Auto

Has it been years since your last car inspection? Fort Worth, TX, vehicle owners don’t have to risk their or others’ safety when driving an older vehicle or one they haven’t used in a long time. Jewell Auto’s car inspections are the perfect solution. Whether you need a seasonal or complete inspection, our skilled, knowledgeable mechanics can meet your needs. 

Our transparent business operation means we won’t make repairs without your approval. If we discover issues with your vehicle, we’ll alert you. You’ll get top-quality service whether you only want an inspection or require additional repairs after finding mechanical issues.

Stay safe on the road, protect the environment, and keep up with legal driving requirements by getting a regular car inspection from Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX. Contact our automotive professionals to get your car inspected today, or schedule an inspection appointment at 817-924-1776.