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Do you need repair or replacement for your car battery? Call (817) 924-1776 for maintenance and replacements for your car battery in Benbrook, TX.

Your car battery is one of the most crucial components of your automobile. Without a healthy car battery, none of the electrical systems in a vehicle would operate correctly. Many of these systems are essential to safe driving and engine functioning, along with dashboard lights, USB ports, air conditioning, and more.

If your car’s electrical systems are malfunctioning, you may need to get your car battery checked. Professionals can use special equipment to test and check for a dead battery. Jewell Auto’s expert mechanics provide superior maintenance and car battery replacement in Benbrook, TX.

How Does a Car Battery Work?

Most car owners are unaware of why their car battery is essential and its impact on vehicle functioning. Car batteries store energy to start your car, which begins a series of reactions that powers electrical systems like your headlights, air conditioning, dashboard, and interior car lights. 

When your battery is healthy, electrons generated by the alternator create a cyclical charging process. However, when you accidentally keep your headlights or interior car lights on overnight, the grids and battery cells powering these reactions can die. When this occurs, you’ll need to call Jewell Auto to service your car battery in Benbrook, TX.

Car Battery Service

Jewell Auto offers car battery service to resolve any issue you might encounter. When your car has electrical problems, we can perform a battery test and diagnostics. If it’s dead, our master mechanics can attach battery terminals for a recharge.

More severe issues can make car battery maintenance unproductive. In these cases, car battery replacement might be your best and cheapest option. We can replace car batteries in under an hour, quickly returning your vehicle to optimal functioning.

Signs You Might Need a Car Battery Replacement

Considering your car battery’s importance, it’s essential to know the signs that you might need a car battery replacement. Below are the three main indications that it’s time to call Jewell Auto to fix your car battery. 

  • The car won’t start without pressing the gas pedal. Since your car battery is one of the main components required to start your car, issues with starting your vehicle likely indicate battery problems. If you need to hit the gas to start your vehicle, bring your car to Jewell Auto today.

  • Dim headlights. The electrical components of your vehicle provide clues to your battery’s state. Dim headlights or decreasing performance of other electrical systems might indicate battery issues.

  • Illuminated battery light. If your dashboard’s battery light illuminates, bring your car to Jewell Auto for service.

High-Quality Auto Battery Service in Benbrook, TX, From Jewell Auto

Jewell Auto has been serving Benbrook, TX, and the surrounding areas for the past 25 years as a family-owned and -operated business. Our ASE-certified master mechanics provide superior auto battery service. 

For more information about repairs, replacements, or maintenance for your car battery in Benbrook, TX, fill out our contact form and schedule service with Jewell Auto today.