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Your vehicle needs a regular oil change to ensure the engine stays in top condition. One auto shop has the education and skill to replace your oil filter and ensure your car gets a successful oil change. Fort Worth, TX, drivers can rely on Jewell Auto for oil changes and more.

At Jewell Auto, you get the best quality motor oil for your vehicle. We understand the effects of driving and the environment on your vehicle’s engine and aim to extend your car’s longevity with preventative maintenance that lubricates moving parts. Our oil change services are ideal for Fort Worth, TX, residents and those in the surrounding areas.

Signs Indicating It’s Time to Get an Oil Change

Depending on your driving activity, you may need an oil change sooner than recommended. Jewell Auto follows manufacturer requirements for changing oil at a specific mileage. Without proper oil level maintenance, your engine may overheat or exert more force than necessary.

You should get an oil change immediately if you notice the following:

  • You smell burning oil, indicating deficient levels
  • You take frequent extensive trips, causing mileage to accumulate faster than usual
  • The engine ticks during the vehicle’s startup, alerting you to a poor oil texture
  • Loud engine noises, meaning your vehicle’s moving parts have inadequate lubrication
  • Your vehicle exhaust looks like smoke as low levels of oil burn up

Types of Motor Oil We Can Change

A particular type of engine oil may be suitable for your vehicle, depending on your vehicle and driving habits. Our motor oil change service provides a high-quality selection of various motor oil types. We’ll help you determine the best type from the following options:

  • Synthetic blend oil
  • Conventional oil
  • High-mileage motor oil

Our team has over 25 years of experience performing oil changes in Fort Worth, TX, and helping you select the best oil type for your vehicle. Whether you need a particular strength or viscosity, our auto technicians can provide it. You can trust that our process will be fast and effective.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Engine with an Oil Change Service in Fort Worth

Visit Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX, for all your vehicle’s oil-related needs. Our oil change services are fast and straightforward. We follow a streamlined process to determine the best oil type for your engine, drain the old motor oil, and replace it with new oil. 

Your oil change shouldn’t have to take all day. Transparent business operations, discounts on certain services, and friendly customer service representatives make us a top auto shop to work with in Fort Worth and the surrounding area. We help you return to your daily schedule with minimal interruption and a quick process. 

Whether you need a filter replacement or just an oil change, Fort Worth, TX, mechanics from Jewell Auto are the go-to experts. Keep your engine in top condition and prevent sludge or acid from accumulating by choosing our team. Contact our skilled mechanics today in Fort Worth at 817-924-1776.