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If your engine is misfiring or sounding rough, your vehicle is ready for spark plug replacement in Fort Worth, TX. Jewell Auto can replace spark plugs quickly to get you back on the road.

Learn how these little parts can make a big difference in your automotive performance, how often to replace them, and more below.

Why Replace a Spark Plug and Spark Plug Wire?

Your engine relies on spark plugs replacement services to help it perform properly. Replacing old, worn-out, or damaged spark plugs can have many benefits, including:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • Optimized combustion
  • Improved engine start

Why You Need Replacement Spark Plugs

The spark plugs direct electrical energy that powers the pistons inside the engine. They rest inside the spark plug socket, often hidden behind the cylinder head. They feature an exposed electrode to ignite the fuel/air mixture from the injector.

Over time, the air and fuel will affect the electrode with a slow deposit formation that will eventually interfere with the spark capability. Most spark plugs need to be replaced every 80,000 to 100,000 miles, but some will require replacement before then.

Come by Jewell Auto for spark plug replacement in Fort Worth, TX. Our ASE technicians can regularly replace spark plugs on foreign and domestic vehicles.

Signs Your Engine Needs New Spark Plugs

Because spark plugs play a vital role, you might notice your vehicle is running differently than normal when they begin to fail. 

The most common signs of spark plug failure can include:

  • It’s difficult to start the engine
  • The check engine light is on
  • The check engine light begins flashing
  • The engine vibration and rhythm are different than usual
  • The car feels sluggish in responding to acceleration

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it is time to reach out to your local repair shop for expert service. In many cases, the replacement procedure requires a specialized torque wrench to perfectly tighten the plug in place. The ASE technicians there will have this tool on hand.

Local Spark Plugs Replacement in Fort Worth, TX

Are you noticing the above symptoms in your vehicle? Is your automobile ready for replacement spark plugs? Whether you drive a foreign or domestic auto, we can help you keep it in tip-top shape for the roads you have ahead of you.

Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX, provides reliable automotive inspection, maintenance, and repair for all of your vehicle needs. Whether you just need to check the engine light, new brakes, or a new set of spark plugs, we can help.

Some of our common automotive services include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Batter replacement
  • Brake inspection and replacement
  • Exhaust services
  • Oil changes and maintenance
  • Shocks, struts, and suspension service
  • Wiper blade replacements

Are you looking for a quick, professional spark plug replacement in Fort Worth, TX? Is your car ready for a tune-up before a long trip? Contact Jewell Auto at 817-924-1776 to schedule your spark plug replacement service appointment today!