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Car electrical problems require expert diagnostics and repairs that not all auto shops in Fort Worth, TX, can perform. Fortunately, our team at Jewell Auto provides guaranteed work on all car electrical repairs in Fort Worth, TX. Our auto electricians can perform repairs on domestic and foreign vehicles. 

Electrical Repair You Can Trust

Jewell Auto specializes in car electrical repairs. Today, almost every system on your car relies on a complex network of electronic systems. These systems power many parts of your car, including the alternator, starter, and battery.

Our auto electricians can run a specialized diagnostic test to determine the cause of your car’s electrical system malfunction. We can inspect your car’s electrical system to ensure that the battery, adjacent cables, and sensitive electronics are functioning properly. We can also diagnose and repair problems related to the headlight system, including uneven brightness and dim lights.

Electrical Care for Your Vehicle

Contact Jewell Auto if you are experiencing problems starting your vehicle or have another electrical issue. We understand that electrical problems can prevent your car from starting or make driving difficult. Our team can repair your car’s electrical system quickly if you experience a fault.

We recommend preventative maintenance and regular servicing to prevent electrical issues. Our auto electricians can perform a battery replacement or car electrical wiring repair to replace broken fuses and connectors. Regular maintenance ensures that electronic components such as sensors, brakes, and steering remain functional.

There may be an issue with the electrical system of your car if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Car does not start
  • Jump starting does not work
  • Dim headlights
  • Failing electronics
  • Clicking noise on start

Our Electrical Repair Services

Jewell Auto provides professional car electrical repair in Fort Worth, TX, for the following:


A car battery is essential for the operation of the vehicle. If you have a problem with the battery, your car will not start. Usually, a jump-start or battery replacement will fix the problem.


An alternator failure is one of the most common electrical car problems. When your headlights dim, you have a malfunctioning alternator. If the alternator fails, your car’s battery will not be able to recharge.

Spark Plugs

An issue with your car’s spark plugs can lower the vehicle’s performance. A loose or dirty spark plug may cause your car to lurch or idle roughly. Contact us for quick spark plug and car electrical wiring repair.

Battery Cables

Battery cables connect the vehicle’s battery and its electrical system. The battery cables may be why your car is not working or starting. The battery terminals may have corroded and will require repair.

Work with an Experienced Auto Repair Shop

At Jewell Auto, our repair shop can make your car repair experience easy and enjoyable. We offer professional car electrical repair in Fort Worth, TX, servicing all makes and models, including sedans, crossovers, hybrids, and SUVs.

Contact our team at Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX, today to book an appointment for electrical car repair. Call us at (817) 924-1776.