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Does your brake system need repairs, replacements, or maintenance? Call (817) 924-1776 for brake repair in Benbrook, TX, from Jewell Auto.

It’s no secret that your brakes are a crucial system for your car. Without healthy functioning brakes, it would be unsafe to drive. Additionally, overworn brakes can seem safe but cause sudden accidents.

Maintaining your brakes is key to staying safe on the road. However, many car owners don’t know when their brakes need service, which can cause accidental crashes.

When your vehicle needs brake repair in Benbrook, TX, call ASE-certified master mechanics from Jewell Auto. Our repair technicians use up-to-date techniques and first-grade equipment to provide superior car brake replacement and repair services.

Different Types of Brake Systems

Before bringing your vehicle in for car brakes repair, it’s helpful to know the different types of brakes. Each brake type has different mechanical and service needs. Read about the three types of car brakes below.

Disc Brakes

You can spot disc brakes on a car by checking for the shiny metal brake rotor inside your front wheel’s frame. When you hit your brake pedal, brake pads and rotors in your disc brakes connect and bring your vehicle to a stop.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes function similarly to disc brakes but in the opposite direction on the back wheels. Rather than a brake rotor inside, drum brakes are little shoes inside a wheel that pushes outward to create the friction necessary to slow down.


The handbrake, known by most as an emergency brake, applies pressure to both sets of brakes to manually stop your car. Since handbrakes don’t use brake fluid, this mechanism can stop your vehicle if your other brakes fail. 

Signs My Vehicle Needs Brake Services

Every brake in your car will require service at some point. However, knowing the signs of brake damage is crucial so you can enlist brake repair in Benbrook, TX. 

Significantly Lower Brake Resistance

If you press your brake pedal and notice it hit the floor much more quickly, this is a sign that you should enlist brake services immediately. Low or no resistance pedaling indicates air in your brake system or a problem with the main cylinder. These issues require immediate car brakes repair.

Car Veers While Braking

If you notice your car veering left or right while braking, you probably have an issue with one side of your brakes. Neglecting to service uncentered brakes could cause an accident while braking.

Your Brake Light Illuminates

Your brake light might illuminate because your emergency brake is still down. However, if you release the handbrake and this light remains on, you require car brakes repair.

Strange Noises While Braking

Squealing, squeaking, or grinding noises while braking indicates a problem with your brake pads or lack of lubrication. Brake pad replacement and tune-ups will quickly return your brakes to normal.

Quality Brake Replacement and Repair in Benbrook, TX, From Jewell Auto

For more information about brake repair in Benbrook, TX, call (817) 924-1776, or fill out our contact form, and schedule brake services with Jewell Auto today!