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Modern cars have finely calibrated pressure systems for steering, which provides drivers with precise control. When your power steering stops working, you will have trouble operating your car safely. At Jewell Auto, we have trained auto technicians who provide expert power steering repair in Fort Worth, TX. 

Trusted Power Steering Repair Service 

Hydraulic power steering uses fluid to control and turn a car’s front wheels. Engine-driven pumps pressurize hydraulic fluid to supply it to the steering system. Our auto technicians can handle all repairs for issues like power steering leaks, improper fluid levels, damaged power steering pumps, and broken belts.

An electric motor system helps steer by drawing energy from the car’s electrical system. A computer determines how much assistance to provide based on the torque or effort the driver applies at the steering wheel. Our auto technicians can repair your car’s electric motor if it has failed due to overheating, dirt, or water contamination.

Power Steering Fluid Replacement Service

Power steering systems in your car operate at a very high temperature and pressure. Over time, this leads to a power steering fluid breakdown. A fluid breakdown can cause the power steering to wear out more quickly and require more expensive repairs.

Every vehicle has a different steering system and fluid needs, so your recommended replacement routine may vary. Our auto experts recommend changing the power steering fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. We will remove your old power steering fluid, clean the system, and replace the fluid.

Seek Help for Power Steering Troubles

If you experience problems with your power steering, you should address them immediately. Besides being extremely annoying, drivers and passengers may be at risk if they ignore power steering problems, such as a loose steering wheel or excessive vibrations. Contact us for reliable power steering repair in Fort Worth, TX.

We use the latest diagnostic tools and technology to repair power steering issues and stop leaks. The Jewell Auto team ensures your vehicle will steer better, handle better, and feel more comfortable with a properly maintained power steering system. 

Common Power Steering Problems

Some of the most common steering problems we see include the following:

  1. Stiff steering wheel: A stiff, difficult-to-turn steering wheel indicates something wrong with the power steering system.
  2. Non-responsive steering: A loose or non-responsive steering wheel is a common sign of power steering problems.
  3. Strange sounds: If the power steering system has problems, you will hear a distinct whining or groaning sound while turning. 
  4. Car pulls to one side: If the steering gear becomes damaged or a power steering fluid leak occurs, your car may pull towards one side. 

Give Jewell Auto a Call Today

Our team of professionals is available to assist you if you have problems with your power steering. The Jewell Auto team looks forward to diagnosing your car’s power steering problem and performing the required repairs. We have provided power steering repair in Fort Worth, TX, for over 20 years.

Contact us at Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX, today to schedule an appointment for a power steering service. Call us at (817) 924-1776.