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Whether you’re new to owning your own vehicle or have years of experience maintaining a car or truck, you deserve to get the most out of your ride. Helping your vehicle last a long time, however, requires regular care like maintenance and repairs. 

Fortunately, our experts at Jewell Auto can help. We can take care of all your automobile upkeep needs, including a quality car tune-up in Fort Worth, TX. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about car tune-ups or schedule your maintenance appointment with Jewell Auto today. 

What Is a Car Tune-Up? 

A tune-up refers to a comprehensive collection of preventative maintenance services provided by established repair professionals. These services target common issues that arise with regular vehicle use and work together to keep cars and trucks operating at peak condition for longer. 

What Do Car Tune-Ups Involve? 

The process of obtaining a car tune-up involves a few simple steps. 

To start, simply reach out to the local car and truck tune-up experts at Jewell Auto. We’ll schedule your tune-up appointment and inform you of everything you need to know about your tune-up service, including costs and other details. 

When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll take your vehicle and complete the tune-up within the specified time. Services provided during car tune-ups in Fort Worth, TX, include: 

  • New air filters

  • Fuel filter replacement

  • Oxygen sensor checks

  • PCV valve checks

  • Spark plug inspection and replacement

  • Ignition timing adjustments

  • And more

Get a full, detailed description of the Jewell Auto tune-up process by reaching out to our team by phone today. 

Common Issues Found During Routine Car Tune-Ups

During car tune-ups, mechanics perform a thorough check of various systems in your car or truck. During these checks, mechanics may notice additional issues with your vehicle. In response to this common occurrence, mechanics typically offer detailed descriptions of any findings after the completion of services. 

Common car issues found during regular inspections and tune-ups include: 

  • Low fluid levels

  • Bald tires

  • Oil leaks

  • Bad idle issues

  • Acceleration problems

  • Brake issues

  • And more

If any issues found during a tune-up pose safety risks, your mechanics at Jewell Auto will contact you directly with information regarding the issue, related risks, and repair costs before taking additional steps. 

Benefits of Scheduling Regular Tune-Ups

Many drivers hesitate to establish a regular vehicle maintenance schedule, citing budget concerns or lack of need. In reality, keeping up with tune-ups and maintenance provides many benefits, including: 

  • Reduced overall repair costs

  • Improved vehicle value over time

  • Better long-term engine performance

  • Fewer breakdowns and significant issues

  • Lower emissions

  • Better overall safety 

  • Improved gas mileage

  • And more

See what tune-ups can do for your vehicle by scheduling yours with Jewell Auto today. 

Schedule an Affordable Car Tune-Up in Fort Worth, TX

Don’t wait for major breakdowns to make a connection with a top-notch repair service. Get your car or truck on a regular maintenance schedule, and never worry about your fuel filter or air filters again. 

For an expert car tune-up in Fort Worth, TX, call Jewell Auto at 817-924-1776 now.