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Belts and hoses play an essential role in how well your car runs—and for how long. Your air conditioning, engine, cooling, and charging systems all rely on belts and hoses without cracks or leaks.

Delaying the replacement of any hose or belt can cause serious issues, such as a damaged engine, costly leaks, and an inconvenient breakdown. After every 3,000 miles of driving, schedule belts and hose services in Fort Worth, TX, with Jewell Auto. We provide affordable and top-rated vehicle hose and belt repair and replacements.

Belts and Hose Replacements

Belts and hose replacements keep you safe on the road. Our technicians are familiar with numerous vehicles, makes, and models and can find the specific belts and hoses to replace your old ones. We inspect your hoses and belts before performing necessary replacements, and we look at the condition of all components, such as:

  • If the drive pulley alignment is correct

  • Loose or damaged clamps

  • Striped, softened, worn or broken belts

  • Softened, hardened, leaking, or split hoses

  • The state of the cooling system

Our belt replacement may include the V-belt, fan belt, timing belt, or serpentine belt, depending on their conditions. A timing belt replacement ensures the precise timing of your engine and its operation. Some vehicles have different belt combinations, and your car may not include all of them.

We’ll also inspect your radiator hoses, brake hoses, coolant hoses, fuel hoses, and more to ensure your engine runs smoothly without any leaks.

Signs You Need Hose and Belt Repair 

Driving a car with a worn or damaged belt or a leaking hose can be dangerous. Our team at Jewell Auto will examine all belts and hoses during your appointment. You should come in for belts and hose services in Fort Worth, TX, if you notice the following symptoms in your car: 

  • Grinding or squealing belt

  • No power

  • Vehicle vibrations

Belts can break due to hidden oil leaks, tension, and natural wear and tear. Clamp failure or extreme temperature exposure can damage hoses. They may also split after years of use. 

Our professionals at Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX, have the right equipment, expertise, and products to replace old parts with new ones. Consider adding belt and hose inspections to your automotive routine to avoid future breakdowns and issues.

Jewell Auto | Premium Belts and Hose Services in Fort Worth, TX

Jewell Auto is a family-owned business serving the residents of Fort Worth, TX, and the nearby areas for over 25 years. We stay current on automotive developments, partner with top-quality and trusted manufacturer brands, and stop at nothing for exceptional customer service. We want you to be so satisfied with the work that you return to us for future auto repair needs and maintenance. 

We can help improve your vehicle’s function, longevity, and safety with our expert belts and hose services in Fort Worth, TX. Fill out our online form for a fast response, or call us today at (817) 924-1776 to speak to our friendly staff.