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Does your vehicle need radiator repair in Fort Worth, TX? Call (817) 924-1776 and get ASE-certified radiator replacement and repairs from Jewell Auto.

It’s not uncommon for the complex mechanisms inside our automobiles to malfunction. Engine, oil, and tire problems are just some issues you might encounter with a car. Another car system that might experience problems is your car radiator.

While many car owners don’t know the function of their car’s radiator, these systems regulate temperatures in your engine to prevent overheating and breakdowns. If your radiator malfunctions, enlist professional radiator repair in Fort Worth, TX, from Jewell Auto. Our ASE-certified master mechanics can resolve any car radiator problem. 

Common Radiator Issues

Most radiator issues require specialized tools and equipment beyond a radiator repair kit. Below are radiator problems you should call Jewell Auto to fix.

  • Leaking radiator resulting from cracks: Many factors can cause cracked radiators, but few methods can fix them. Cracked radiators leak coolant that is unhealthy for your engine. If overheating, rust, or high coolant pressure crack your radiator, it will require replacement. 

  • Fan failure: When your car moves slowly, your radiator fan supplements airflow to temper hot coolant exiting the exhaust. If your fan fails, you’ll likely experience engine issues while driving slowly.

  • Broken cap: Every attachment to your radiator should be airtight to optimize cooling functions. If the radiator cap breaks or becomes displaced, it can weaken every component of your radiator cooling system.

  • Clogging or obstructions: Dust, debris, and mineral deposits in your radiator can accumulate, creating a sludge that blocks coolant flow. Body damage can also create coolant obstructions. System flushes and hose replacement might resolve these problems.

  • Hose leaks: The radiator hose connects your radiator and engine, linking temperature control functions. Similar to a cracked radiator, damaged hoses can leak coolant. Your radiator hose may require replacement to stop a leak.

Cooling System Problems Impacting Radiator Functioning

Other parts of your cooling system also play a role in keeping the radiator healthy. Issues with these components may adversely impact your radiator in the following ways:

  • Water pump failure: As an essential component in your cooling system, water pump failure is a severe issue that requires immediate replacement.

  • Malfunctioning thermostat: Your vehicle’s thermostat regulates the flow of coolant based on the temperature of your radiator. A thermostat in disrepair could cause your engine to break down in minutes.

  • Air bubbles: Air bubbles trapped in your cooling system obstruct coolant flow. Radiator repair technicians will bleed your cooling system to amend this problem.

Get High-quality Radiator Replacement and Repair in Fort Worth, TX, From Jewell Auto

A family-owned and -operated business, Jewell Auto has been serving the Fort Worth, TX, community for over 25 years. Our ASE-certified master mechanics train on the most updated techniques to repair automobile issues. With trustworthy, honest rates and no hidden fees, Jewell Auto is the best choice for vehicle repairs.

For more information on radiator repair in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 924-1776 to schedule a repair service with Jewell Auto today!