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Whether you’re new to owning a diesel vehicle or have miles of driving diesel engines under your tires, you know the importance of quality repair and maintenance services. Staying ahead of inspections, tune-ups, and repair needs reduces breakdowns and the need for emergency services. 

At Jewell Auto, we empower our clients through knowledge and expert diesel repair in Fort Worth, TX. We bring years of vehicle expertise to the table, offering a comprehensive lineup of automotive services for various vehicle types. 

Learn more about our diesel repair and other automotive services by reaching out to our team today. 

Common Problems With Diesel Engines

The mechanics of diesel engines may differ from those of gasoline-powered engines, but they still present many of the same issues. The diesel repair experts at Jewell Auto have tackled it all, including: 

  • Decreased fuel economy 

  • Unusual noises or grinding 

  • Loss of engine thrust

  • Total loss of vehicle power

  • Oil leaks

  • Increased oil consumption

  • Overheating

  • Trouble starting

  • Oil oxidation 

  • And more

Each of these issues has a specific cause and solution. Our Jewell Auto works quickly to diagnose your diesel engine troubles and provides affordable repair options for vehicle owners from all walks of life. 

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Diesel Engine Repair 

Many vehicle owners hesitate to bring their cars or diesel trucks in for repair, citing need or budget concerns. While some noises appear naturally as vehicles age, any usual symptom should prompt a quick visit to a repair shop for inspections. 

So how do you know when to call in the pros for diesel repair in Fort Worth, TX? Beyond total diesel engine failure, keep an eye out for symptoms such as: 

  • Rough or noisy idle

  • Exhaust smoke

  • Dripping from the exhaust

  • Loss of engine compression

  • Unusual noises or knocking from the engine

  • Difficulty starting the engine

  • Overheating

  • Strange smells

  • Increased oil consumption

  • Oil sludge

  • Low fuel efficiency 

  • Any other unusual symptoms

If you suspect issues with your diesel engine, don’t wait. Schedule an appointment with Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX, to get fast, professional diagnostic and diesel engine repair services. 

Benefits of Working With Jewell Auto

When choosing a repair service for your diesel truck or car, you deserve to work with the absolute best your money can buy. At Jewell Auto, we pride ourselves on top-quality customer service, professional repair turnaround times, and budget-friendly service pricing. 

All automotive services offered by our team at Jewell Auto come backed by licensing and years of hands-on experience repairing all types of vehicles. You can count on our diesel repair services. 

Affordable Diesel Engine Repair Services in Fort Worth, TX 

If you need dependable diesel repair in Fort Worth, TX, you’ve come to the right website. Our Jewell Auto experts diagnose your diesel engine problems and offer timely repair solutions that won’t break your budget. 

Why not start with a risk-free consultation. Give Jewell Auto a call at 817-924-1776 to schedule your appointment for diesel engine repair services in Fort Worth, TX, today.