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If your check engine light is flashing and you don’t know what to do, call (817) 924-1776 and schedule service from ASE-qualified mechanics at Jewell Auto.

Car dashboards provide critical information about the state of our vehicles. Car manufacturers program dashboard lights to indicate when vehicles have problems or service needs. However, their meanings aren’t always obvious and can sometimes leave you wondering how to proceed.

A check engine light can mean many things. While a consistent light might not indicate devastating issues, never ignore a flashing check engine light. Regardless, it’s wise to bring your vehicle for a check engine light diagnosis from Jewell Auto when this light illuminates.

Reasons Why a Check Engine Light Might Turn On

Car owners usually need help understanding why their check engine light is on. Below are some main reasons you might require professionals to diagnose a check engine light in Fort Worth, TX.

  • Loose gas cap: Sometimes, check engine lights turn on for less severe reasons. If this light illuminates shortly after gassing up your vehicle, a loose or unscrewed gas cap is likely the cause.

  • Spark plug or ignition coil problems: Spark plugs and ignition coils are essential components in your car’s combustion chamber. These mechanisms generate electricity to spark the combustion necessary to turn fuel into power for your vehicle. Issues with the ignition function of these combustion components will trigger your check engine light.

  • Faulty spark plug wires: If one of your spark plug wires dies or malfunctions, you’ll notice problems immediately. Along with your check engine light turning on, your vehicle will also idle, drop in performance, and may stop functioning altogether.

  • Oxygen sensor failure: Your car’s oxygen sensor is a crucial component of its emission control system. Failed oxygen sensors won’t detect the unburnt oxygen remaining in your exhaust. When this sensor fails, an engine can continue running but will burn significantly more fuel than usual.

  • Catalytic converter failure: The catalytic convertor creates the chemical reactions that transform carbon monoxide in your system into carbon dioxide. When this system experiences significant disrepair, it can become a hazard for vehicles left inside garages emitting more carbon monoxide. If your check engine light illuminates for this reason, your vehicle requires immediate check engine light service.

  • Mass airflow sensor failure: The mass airflow sensor tracks the air flowing through your engine. Issues with this component might cause your engine to idle or stop altogether. A check engine light diagnosis can quickly identify this problem.

Quality Check Engine Light Service in Fort Worth, TX, From Jewell Auto

For over 25 years, mechanics from Jewell Auto have been repairing vehicles in Fort Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned and -operated repair shop provides ASE-certified mechanics with expertise in auto repair to service your vehicle. 

For more information about addressing your check engine light in Fort Worth, TX, or to schedule service, call (817) 924-1776 and work with trusted mechanics from Jewell Auto today!