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Your vehicle’s battery supplies power to all the components and systems that allow the car to function. Without electricity from the battery, the car won’t be able to start or continue to run. If your car battery dies, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road with no air conditioning or heat, calling a towing company to save you.

Having a professional mechanic do auto battery service on your car is the best way to save yourself from dealing with a dead battery on the highway. For the most thorough car battery service in Crowley, TX, the technicians at Jewell Auto are the best in the business. When you have your battery checked by an experienced technician, they can run a battery test and tell you if it’s time for a car battery replacement.

How Do Car Batteries Work?

The standard car battery emits 12 volts of electricity to power your vehicle, the AC and heat, the stereo, and other vital components. The battery stores energy for use once you start the car, and receives energy from electrons produced by the alternator while it’s running. If your battery is old and doesn’t hold a charge as well as it used to, it can put extra strain on the alternator – causing it to malfunction or break down prematurely.

Do I Need Car Battery Replacement or Servicing?

Modern car batteries don’t give drivers much warning that they need replacing; they just die while you’re driving. Your battery can also die while your car sits in your driveway overnight, greeting you with the unpleasant surprise that your car won’t start in the morning. The best way to avoid getting surprised with a dead car battery is to have it serviced every five thousand miles.

Your car does have a few ways of telling you your battery is weak or failing. Have an experienced technician inspect your battery if you notice any of the following:

  • Dim headlights: If your car’s headlights seem weak or the other electrical components in your vehicle are acting strangely, your battery may be dying.
  • Dashboard battery light: If the emergency battery indicator lights up, something is wrong with your battery or alternator.
  • Car needs gas to start: If your car won’t turn over when you try to start it unless you press the gas pedal, there is likely an issue with the battery.

At Jewell Auto, we offer full battery system tests and inspections to ensure that your battery runs safely. Our car battery service in Crowley, TX, includes

  • Visual inspection of battery terminals for corrosion
  • Checking battery fluid
  • Inspecting cables
  • Testing battery output

Call Jewell Auto Today for Auto Battery Service

If your battery is over four years old, it may be time for a replacement. If you’re unsure how old your battery is or you haven’t had a mechanic check it, it’s time to let the professionals at Jewell Auto take a look. Nobody does better car battery service for Crowley, TX, drivers. 

Stop by our Fort Worth office or fill out our contact form today.